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Meet Our Chief Tangos

Steve Toth – Chief Solutions Officer

Steve manages all aspects of the production and delivery of our solutions. Steve studied Business at John Brown, and is a tech industry veteran. Prior to co-founding Tango Press, Steve ran a technology and services business for 10 years as a VP/GM at Honeywell International.

When Steve is not ensuring you have what you want, how you want it, and when you want it, you can find Steve expressing his creative side by creating and fabricating unique and artful furniture in his design studio (…his 2 car garage).


John Ballentine- Chief Customer Officer

John manages all elements of our state-of-the-art printing and packaging development process. He studied Packaging, Printing Technology and Food Science at Clemson University, has an MBA from University of Arkansas, and more than 25 years in the packaging industry. Prior to co-founding Tango Press, John has managed one of the largest portfolios of High Graphics Corrugated Business in North America.

But don’t let that intimidate you, when not making sure you love working with Tango Press, you can find John applying his creative nature as foody and artistic chef.


Adam McDonnough- Structural Design Lead

Adam brings heads up the Tango Press' Packaging Design.  Adam and team permit Tango Press to modify existing packaging or display designs, or create new designs to meet the changing needs our or customers. All of this facilitates compressed lead times and better in-house customer care. Prior to Tango Press,, Adam studied Packaging Science at Clemson University and held a variety of roles at Sam’s Club, including Packaging Manager - Food and Beverage and Packing Engineer -General Merchanidse. 
When Adam isn’t serving our customer’s needs, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors.


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