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Tango Press was born from our founders’ experiences and frustrations in trying to support clients who need impactful, state-of–the-art printing and converting solutions for corrugated packaging – FAST.

Traditional analog printing takes weeks, and it is expensive to set up and buy, requires multiple steps involving plates, films, dies or screens, and is wrought with risk.

In 2021, Tango Press was acquired by The BoxMaker, a leading innovator in digitally printed packaging, displays, and related products. With this change, we are proud to expand our offerings and reach to companies across the United States.


How does Tango Press remedy these unfortunates?

With a printing method that delivers in days, and is less expensive, more efficient, and safer.

This is Digital Printing


Our digital print solutions print in high resolution directly to corrugate with no muss-no fuss. No it’s not a dream - with Tango Press, it’s a reality.

The Tango Press digital printing solutions allows much more flexibility than ever before. Our team saw an opportunity to equip brand owners and creatives with the ability to operate more nimbly and stand out in their marketplaces through the efficient and innovative printing we utilize.


Packaging Playground


We created a place where creative marketing minds collaborate with packaging engineers to design and produce packaging in one day what normally takes weeks to complete.

Arrive with an idea, leave with a completed production package or several. Come visit our Packaging Innovation Center.


Your Solutions Provider


Whether you are a Brand Owner, Engineer, Packaging Provider, in Marketing, Procurement, or just like boxes - you will find that everyone at Tango Press is focused on solving problems. We are not confined by any legacy packaging paradigms – so neither should you.

Check out what Tango Press is all about.

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